Welcome to Gowan Science Academy

Gowan Science Academy
Our school provides a challenging inquiry-based Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum to maximize individual potential and ensure students thrive in a global community.  Gowan Science Academy offers a fast-paced, rigorous curriculum for grades kinder - 8th grade and is open to all Yuma County residents.  We believe that parent participation is key to student success and highly encourage parent involvement for every child who attends Gowan Science Academy!
Learning Happens Everywhere
We have worked diligently to create an environment that gives our students opportunities to learn in ways that are comfortable ad familiar to them. While our school has traditional classrooms, we continuously break the mold and have learning that takes place wherever questions are asked.
We Explore our Community
It's not only important for students to have meaningful and engaging lessons in the classroom based on real-world topics; we help students apply this learning through field trips around our community. Grade levels participate in at least one field trip per quarter. Some examples of field trips include Wetland Parks to study native insects, Harrison Farms to understand how vegetables are grown in our community, Kartchner Caverns in Benson, Arizona, to study land formations, Biosphere II in Tucson, Arizona, to learn about biomes, and many many more.
Parents of enrolled pupils and parents who wish to enroll their children in the School District may visit, tour and observe the schools and classrooms.  Visitors, including parents and parents of prospective pupils, must follow the school’s procedures for scheduling visits, tours or observations.  The District may discontinue visits, tours, and observations if such events threaten the health and safety of the pupils and staff.